Why do you need a business card website for a company?


Why do you need a business card website for a company?

Every year, the Internet becomes more and more the environment from which a potential buyer learns basic information about your company. That is why our customers are increasingly ordering creating a business card site for their company. After all, the main task of sites of this type is to acquaint your potential buyer with the company and its advantages among competitors, to inspire trust and provide basic contact information to contact you. For this purpose, it is better to turn to real professionals, because only they, based on their experience will be able to create a truly effective business card site for your company.

Before creating any type of site, our team must conduct marketing research of your main competitors, find the strengths and weaknesses of their sites. Given all the information collected, in addition to your terms of reference, we offer to use the strong chips of competitors, help determine the structure of the project, create a drawing (sketch) on which the designer will develop a design for your future business card site.

You need to understand that you are creating a site primarily for the consumer. The main thing is to hook up and not let him go, as he decides to stay and explore your site further instantly, for the first 3 seconds. You need to understand why people need this site, whether it answers all their questions, whether customers will get a solution to their problem by contacting you. At once it is necessary to think also of key words - a semantic kernel. According to him, your site will need to be promoted in search engines in the future and they will be the basis for your advertising campaign. Our team will help you with this and we call it a mind map.

In addition to visual issues, you need to think about the functionality of the site control panel. There are many ready-made management systems (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, OpenCart, DLE, etc.), but our team does not work with them. Why? Because each of us had to face them one way or another and we all came to one conclusion - not every site can work effectively under a ready-made management system, as well as maintain and upgrade it in the future. Therefore, we have developed a simple and efficient management system for our customers - Atom. It is not only safe, but also very flexible and simple so that you need no more than 10 minutes to understand.

Many questions related to the already finished site will fall on you. Even if you order site support and maintenance , we still won't be able to make some decisions without you. Only you can decide what the future business card site of your company will look like and function.

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