Google Adwords setting up, Web Studio Moveiton

Google Adwords setting up

An advertising tool that allows you to quickly and effectively attract the target audience to demonstrate your product through text ads, graphic media banners, ads in video format on Youtube.

from $300 per month
What do you get
Advertising strategy

To select the optimal advertising strategy, we analyze the niche, competitors and market situation.

Effective budget management

All parameters and budgets are agreed with the customer, reporting takes place regularly.

Business goals

Customize Google Ads contextual advertising for your business goals.

Accurate targeting

Display advertising for a given geography and interests.

Transparency of cooperation and pricing

Work under a formal contract, access to advertising offices, cost control.

Optimization and maintenance

Further optimization of advertising campaigns to reduce costs, regular reporting and analytics.

Google Ads setup steps
Market analysis

We analyze competitors, offer effective channels for advertising, develop an advertising strategy.

Project evaluation

We analyze your website for UX performance, we recommend what can be changed and improved to increase conversions.

Semantic core

We select the most complete core of search queries, analyze and grouping them by their effectiveness.

Google Ads setup
CMS and remarketing

Setting up remarketing campaigns and contextual media network, professional development of banners for advertising.

Monthly support

Adjusting keyword bids, analyzing and optimizing search queries, adding negative keywords, A/B testing ads and banners.

Free Project Quotation

Tell us about the project that you would like to develop or promote, and we, in turn, will tell you what its budget and development timeframes might be.

Why customers choose us
Technology and quality of services

Thanks to our experience in the development of high-load projects, we have a large number of our own developments and technologies.

Fixed price and deadlines

There are no hidden payments and interrupted terms, the price and terms are fixed in the contract with penalties in case of our violation.

Work under a official contract

We provide our services only officially. You can be sure that your project will be developed on time and with high quality.

All services in one place

We offer a wide range of services for business, from website development to project advertising and its further support.

Official guarantee

We guarantee the quality of each service we provide under the contract. Errors that occurred through our fault - we eliminate even after the end of the official warranty.

Personal project manager

We provide a manager who will be happy to advise you on any professional issue.