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Simple and easy CMS for sites and CRM systems
only for clients of web studio Moveiton

Atom Advantages

Atom - a system with a minimum set of functionalities for accelerating the development of sites and CRM systems.

Available on any device

Atom is available from any device where there is an internet and a browser. No additional settings.

Complete security

The system code is not publicly available, and the Codeigniter framework protects against any type of attack.

Unlimited Scalability

Modular structure Atom allows you to expand the system for tasks of any complexity, without much effort and especially "crutches".

Speed and ease of operation

Atom is very fast and allows you to accelerate sites to exceed browser speed. Work with her is easy and convenient.

Support by third-party developers

Atom is created on the popular php framework Codeigniter. This means that any php developer can maintain the system.

Functionality per client

Any additional functionality is created individually for each project, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

Comparison of Atom and conventional CMS

Atom is difficult to call a full-fledged CMS, as this is only a procurement for projects of any complexity.

Free CMS Paid CMS Atom
Security +
Scalability +
Easy to use +
Support by third-party developers + + +
Download speed +
Closed source code + +
Updatability + + +
Free modules + + +

Free modules and Atom functionality

Any other modules are developed individually for each customer for a fee.


Allows users to authorize and log off.

User Settings

Provides users with the opportunity to independently change the basic information associated with the account.

Free Templates

Each user can choose one of the free control panel templates for even more convenient operation.


We are constantly working on translating the system into new languages. Currently available: Russian, Ukrainian and English.


Add, edit and delete users of the system.

User roles

Simple management of the user role in the system.

User Permissions

Choose what exactly this or that role can do in the system.


Optimize and delete tables, create and restore database backups directly from the system.

Error Logs

View errors and other messages. Manage logging settings.


Basic information about the system and the server of the system.


Allows regular Moveiton customers to see the balance of services directly in the system.


Plugin for simple filtering of any tables in the system.


Shows the current time in the header. Useless? Maybe!


Found a bug in your system? Let us know directly through the system.