MT Onroad

Business card site development for track assistance
Development year: 2022

MT Onroad is a 24/7 truck assistance service in Germany. This is the only company that provides a full range of services to instantly solve any truck problem.

Initially, the client turned to us for promotion services, namely SMM and Google Ads. Literally six months later, it was decided to completely redo the current site, and now the main task was to simply manage the site from the admin system, since the previous site worked on the constructor and the client wanted to be able to do everything on his own.

We offered the client to create a site on our unique Atom system with a ready-made Page Manager module, which allowed the client to manage any block on the site. About 12 standard pages were developed, which now the customer can use when creating new pages of the site, changing the content and arrangement of blocks.

During the development of the project, the client was also provided with the service of SEO website promotion. Since our SEO specialists were involved during development, it gave an incredible result in the first two months of work.

Business card site development for track assistance – MT Onroad

Internal pages

Thanks to the “Page Manager” module of our Atom system, it was enough for us to draw several basic templates, on the basis of which the client can now independently create similar pages at any time, but with different content.