Wordpress or Joomla


Wordpress or Joomla

Of course, our team is inclined to believe that it is more correct to develop a CMS for turnkey website management. This will create a simple and functional environment for administering your project. But what if the budget for website development is rather small. The answer is to use one of the popular CMS.

In this post, we will compare some of the most popular CMS - WordPress and Joomla. We do not hide that we like WordPress better. But at one time it was chosen based on the points below that we want to share with you.

Key Points for Comparing WordPress and Joomla

1. Almost every seventh site is running Joomla, and every fifth is on WordPress - a young community WordPress is developing with kilometer steps and this is a huge plus. The larger the community, the easier it is to solve an issue or problem that has arisen in operation. By the way, many developers use WordPress as a full-time business, developing plug-in themes for sale.

2. Search engines are more likely to prefer WordPress than Joomla - click on the first positions in search engines more often falls on sites powered by WordPress. But sites on Joomla have recently left the search engines on the last pages altogether.

3. WordPress is much faster than Joomla. Nowadays, the popularity of a site is seriously affected by its loading speed. Recently we had an order to create a website that a customer asked to do on Joomla. A little later, he contacted us again and asked to translate it to WordPress. We specially saved the old site and compared it with the performance of the new site. Each page on a Joomla site took about 1-3 seconds longer to load than on WordPress, although the number of plugins on the latter far exceeded the number of extensions on the first.

4. An absolute plus of Joomla is its functionality , which is easy to get confused about. Although why do you need functionality if you choose between ready-made CMS? Then it is already more cost-effective to develop a website and a turnkey management system, for example, as we do on our "zero" - Atom .

About turnkey control systems

Tell me, why reinvent the wheel? It's easier to pull the layout on a ready-made CMS, write "crutches" and fly. Easier - we agree, but more convenient and more cost-effective - no!

Turnkey management systems are much easier for the client, since they are written for him, and it is a pleasure to upgrade them in the future. The source code is much cleaner, which means that search engines treat such sites better than sites based on ready-made CMS. Of course, this is not a complete list of the advantages of   samopis   and everyone has their own opinion. But for maximum results, we recommend using turnkey systems.

We hope that we managed to explain why we preferred CMS WordPress, and also explained why they create a turnkey CMS.