Pechatnaya Masterskaya

Creating a unique website for printing industry
Год создания: 2021

Pechatnaya Masterskaya – is one of the largest printing houses in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. A client came to us with the task of developing a unique online store with the function of accurately calculating the cost of products, depending on the product category and according to the category parameters matrix. We developed a unique project design, completed layout and programming, and in the process created a new logo for the company.

In addition, we have implemented a connection with the following services:

  • API New Mail (list of branches, miscalculation of delivery costs);
  • LiqPay (online payment for goods);
  • Facebook (login to the client's personal account via oAuth);
  • Google (login to the client's personal account via oAuth);

An additional task was to develop a CRM system for accounting and management of incoming orders.

Website Adaptive

Internal pages

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