Development of a user account for info courses
Development year: 2022

Cryptomannn is the largest and brightest trading community in the CIS. Cryptomannn and his team train a very large number of people every year, that's why we were faced with the task of developing a convenient and simple personal account for course users. The Fragment studio was engaged in design and content creation, while we, in turn, took up the layout and programming of the project.

The main challenges we faced were, of course, the protection of all course content, which is why several levels of content protection were developed. In addition, the office has a large number of integrations, both for receiving payments and for automation: sms-fly, twillio,, whitepay, fondy, discord, google oauth, facebook oauth and others.

The entire cabinet was written on vue.js and on our management system - Atom. In addition to the office, we also developed an internal CRM system for tracking clients and their payments, as well as for course management.

Development of a user account for info courses – Cryptomannn

Internal pages

The Cryptomannn user interface consists of 9 design layouts.
The entire front-end runs on vue.js, which allows you to navigate through pages without refreshing the entire page.