Dating website creation


Dating website creation

It's impossible to compete with such large social networks like Vkontakte or Facebook, but it's quite possible to try your hand at the niche of a dating site. It will take a lot of money and time to create a dating site from scratch. It should be said right away that until your site has a large user base, you will not receive monetization (profit), since no one will use an "empty" dating site.

Dating sites get their main profit from active users. They are ready to buy all paid "chips", if only their profile or profile can be seen by as many people as possible. You need to understand that these people have come to you with a specific purpose, and this goal is not always an acquaintance with your soul mate. Often, users are looking for friends or partners on such sites.


The functionality of a dating site often includes a number of features, including:  

  • Casual acquaintance
  • Add users as friends
  • Message or Conversations
  • Rating other users' photos
  • Commenting on photos
  • Search and filter user profiles
  • Multilingual
  • Video chats
  • Blacklist  


To monetize the project, paid "chips" are often created, such as:

  • Paid promotion of profiles in search
  • Gifts for Users
  • Module "Invisible"
  • Placing a profile on paid positions

How to start building a dating site?

To start working on the development of a dating site, you should decide on the functions, colors and name, unique "chips". All this needs to be written in the terms of reference and transferred to the developers to estimate the cost of the project and the development time.

The average price for a dating site is from 5000 $ , and   development time - from 2 months .

Where to order the creation of a dating site?

This type of site is quite complex in functionality. Not every studio is engaged in its development, but our team is ready to help in creating a site of any complexity, even a dating site, and we have there are already projects of this kind in the portfolio.  

After choosing the developers, you will need to approve the terms of reference, draw up and sign an agreement on the development of the site and launch the project. Well, after the development of the site, an even more difficult stage begins - its promotion and promotion.  

If you want to find a contractor to create a dating site and its promotion - our team will be happy to help!

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