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Creation online business card

This is one of the simplest multi-page sites, usually consists of 5-6 pages.

The main tasks of the business card site

Like any other type of site, the business card site often performs several or all tasks below.


Providing basic information about your company.


Increase of recognition of the company, in the eyes of clients and partners.


Attracting potential customers and partners from the Internet.

How to develop a business card website

How we develop really effective and memorable business card sites.


We monitor all potential competitors.


Create a unique concept with a "golden mean" for your company.


Draw a unique design that will be accurately remembered.


We develop markup a design with all relevant web standards.


We program the functionality of the business card site "for client"".


Testing, transfer to the production server and start.

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LavinaMall – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Altis – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Sgnauto – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Shootgroup – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Штоград – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Marcoxpress – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Влад Дарвин – клиент веб студии Moveiton
A.Kloni – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Ukrainian Internet Company – UIC – клиент веб студии Moveiton
AtlasParts – клиент веб студии Moveiton

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