SEO website promotion

SEO site promotion is a complex of works that helps to raise the site in organic issuance to the first positions, thereby increasing the traffic to the site and orders, as well as to reduce the cost of traffic from contextual advertising.

Advantages of SEO website promotion


According to statistics, 80% of the transitions to the site come from organic issuance.


Taking a high position in the search, the site will steadily bring customers.


Proper SEO can reduce the cost of a click in contextual advertising.


Traffic from organic issuance leads to better-quality leads.


Increase the recognition of your brand on the Internet.


Cost does not depend on the number of clicks and conversions to your site.

Stages of correct SEO promotion


Analysis of niche, site structure, leaders-competitors of the market.


Collection of keywords and compilation of a semantic core.


Formation of the technical task for internal optimization of a site.


Writing SEO texts for promoted pages of the site.


External optimization of the site, building up the thematic reference mass.


Set up Google My Business for local SEO promotion.

Our clients

LavinaMall – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Altis – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Sgnauto – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Shootgroup – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Штоград – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Marcoxpress – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Влад Дарвин – клиент веб студии Moveiton
A.Kloni – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Ukrainian Internet Company – UIC – клиент веб студии Moveiton
AtlasParts – клиент веб студии Moveiton


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