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The best thing about our work can be told only by people who have already worked with us.

Corrected what the project developers themselves couldn't fix.

Very satisfied with your work. Quickly and quickly identify and fix the problem. We will still apply.

Evgeniy Telyuk VArendu.com.ua
Thanks, everything works as it should

Very satisfied with your work. Quickly and quickly identify and fix the problem. We will still apply.

Vlad Ruzhinskiy Darwin.com
Justified my expectations by 100%

Surprised by the result. Professionally, quickly and efficiently. Before that, I contacted a couple of web studios, which in the TOP on the rating of Ukraine, But was disappointed. I, as an internet entrepreneur and web designer, were looking for people with whom I could cooperate in terms of layout and programming of my projects, and finally I found it. Moveiton really know their business and for an adequate price will make an excellent Internet project.

Svyatoslav sbelyavenko.com
Everything is as we wanted. Despite some nuances - the guys are really professionals...

Anton was advised by my chief engineer, as a particularly talented young man and a professional in his field. With the design, the guys tried for 5+ and even more, as they showed us another version of the changed logo (it was not included in the task, but it was very much appreciated - they paid for it). All as we wanted: site adaptability for all devices, functional admin, multilingual, working with the API of our billing.

What is really upsetting is that there are a lot of unintended nuances from our side and from the part of the guys. But despite all this - we are happy, because Anton and his team were always in touch, always explained and sometimes even taught us, and of course they brought the project to the ideal state.

Andrew uic.in.ua
Although we did not agree on the price of creating our website, for the logo sincere thanks, justified all expectations!

It was really hard for us to gather our thoughts and decide how the logo really should look like. Anton patiently explained everything and advised us, spent more than a lot of meetings with us - for which he especially thanks. Drew for us 5 options, that we would have a good choice and could argue each. Although we did not agree on the price of creating our site, for the logo sincere thanks, justified all expectations !!

Olga Glasgow
We guys have been on the service for 3 years, from the creation of our web store and they are masters of their business

The guys came to our office in 2012, on the advice of my good friend. Showed us all the problems of the old site, told what they can do. The children's works were really beautiful, they decided to see what they were offering. We made as many as 4 variants of the main page and after we chose we offered some more variants of side curtains and the bottom picture. The only thing that does not please us is the lack of advertising for the guys in the state. We turned to several and in the end no result, in general, no. As for Anton's team, we are all happy, everything is fine, we will continue to cooperate!

The guys drew a cool logo from the hand, it turned out as they wanted!

The management of the restaurant Mustache expresses gratitude to the team and in particular to their leader - Anton, for prompt and high-quality work on our logo. Thank you for your professionalism, everything quickly, efficiently and on time. We will be glad to further cooperation with you.

Vladimir Mustache
Although at first there were disagreements, but we are already cooperating for 3 years!

We would like to express our gratitude for the creation of our corporate website and wish the children regular customers, and they will, seeing the results and your attitude towards the work. This was our first site and we were very worried, since we did not understand anything at all. Thank you guys for their advice and tips. Surprised that there are still people who can advise useful things, instead of what would make us more money. They really made the project of complex subjects very stylish. After launching our new website, we decided to hire a staff member for further maintenance of the project. We realized that it's useless, since it's cheaper and faster with the guys. They are really professionals, we have been cooperating for almost 3 years.

Elena fps-upack.ru
Anton's team is really very cool and fast guys!

What can I say .. Started with Anton in the relationship "customer-performer." I consider Anton and his team the best solution for creating a website, since such professionals rarely come across. Always in touch and solve any problems. At the moment we are partners, as we have the same vision in the development of my project. I wish success to your team!

Cooperate with this team is a pleasure. All told, taught a lot.

This is my first personal project with the guys, but not the first one is not personal. I have been working for almost a year on Anton's specially designed CRM system for me and I can say that these are the most responsible developers, who really can rely on and do business. Guys can solve any problems and implement the wildest desires. As for my project - no questions, just pleasant emotions. In addition, I regularly use the technical maintenance of the project, especially grateful for free consultations. I consider this an important moment for every customer. I wish you success!

Michael marcoxpress.com
We with the guys are already like a family, more than 10 projects behind them, but found them simply through a search engine.

We have been working with the guys since their very discovery, about 5 years. I found them on Yandex, it was necessary to translate the design into a web page for our American partners. The guys coped with 12 points and we decided to give them the next stage of our project - programming. Everything turned out better than we wanted, our database has about 15 million spare parts and everything works very quickly, and the cool thing is that the site is convenient to use on any device. We all advise the guy and brought them three new customers. It's nice to work with professionals!

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