Development of CRM systems

This system allows you to automate your business and manage it from anywhere, on any device. We develop turnkey accounting systems, with functional of any complexity. In the future, our team maintains and upgrades the system.

Benefits of developing a CRM system from scratch


Accessibility from any device, from anywhere in the world, where there is Internet.


All your data is in the cloud, on powerful server computers.


The system can be improved and modernized, new functionality added.


The ability to automate any of your business processes.


With the system it is easy to work, there is nothing superfluous in it, it is designed "turnkey".


No licenses, you pay only for development and changes.

Steps in developing a CRM system turnkey


Together with the client we find processes that can be optimized.


We prepare the terms of reference for the development of the CRM and the contract.


We create a prototype and based on it we design a user-friendly interface.


We program all necessary functionality of CRM system.


We test, upload to the server, configure and run.


We train, we service and modernize the system in the future.

Our clients

LavinaMall – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Altis – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Sgnauto – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Shootgroup – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Штоград – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Marcoxpress – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Влад Дарвин – клиент веб студии Moveiton
A.Kloni – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Ukrainian Internet Company – UIC – клиент веб студии Moveiton
AtlasParts – клиент веб студии Moveiton


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