HTML coding

HTML markup is the process of turning a page layout or a website into a full web page.

Why you should order HTML coding from us

Correct and W3C Validation HTML5 layout is the same page display on different devices and screens.


Same website view on all modern devices, browsers.


The page loads quickly and causes the WOW effect of the user


Correct layout is able to help SEO optimize your site.

How we create a valid and valid HTML5 layout

How we make up really effective and correct HTML pages of sites.


Cut out the minimum number of graphic elements from your layout.


Create an efficient and logical HTML5 markup of the entire page.


We design everything using CSS3, according to the layout, we are testing PixelPerfect.


Adapting the page for mobile devices using the Media Queries.


Front-End programming layout using JavaScript.


Testing layout on different devices and browsers, check on W3C Validation.

Our Customers

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LavinaMall – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Altis – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Sgnauto – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Shootgroup – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Штоград – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Marcoxpress – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Влад Дарвин – клиент веб студии Moveiton
A.Kloni – клиент веб студии Moveiton
Ukrainian Internet Company – UIC – клиент веб студии Moveiton
AtlasParts – клиент веб студии Moveiton


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